How to join the Partner Program?

To join the Partner Program, it is necessary to register on our Partner Program website - partner.playapalmera.do. After registration, you will be able to generate your individual link, code or banner.

How can I publish an link or code?

You can publish the link, code or banner on your website, blog, social media channels, newsletters and private messages to family and friends.

Are there restrictions on the sites where I can publish the link or code?

According to our rules, links, codes and banners should only be posted on sites that comply with applicable laws. This means that links cannot be published on sites that promote illegal, defamatory, pornographic, offensive or copyright infringing content. In addition, sites promoting unethical activities or contrary to the general rules of the community are not accepted.

What benefits does a person who uses an link or code receive?

Any person who uses your link or code will receive a 5% discount for the reservation of a stay at Playa Palmera Beach Resort.

What benefits do I receive when someone uses my link or code?

You will receive credits for each person who uses your link or code. The number of credits depends on the amount the referral using your link or code will spend on paying for the reservation. From this amount you will receive 5%, which will be converted into credits in the ratio 1 USD = 1 credit.

What conditions must be met by the person using my link or code for me to receive points?

The referral must make a reservation at Playa Palmera Beach Resort using your link or code. The stay must be paid for and completed. Once the referral checks-out at our resort, the credits will be automatically added to your Partner Program balance.

What is the validity period of my credits?

Your credits are valid for two years.

Can credits be transferred between other Partner Program users?

No. Accumulated credits are assigned only to a specific link and code. It is not possible to transfer them to the account of other referrers.

Does a large number of credits mean that my stay at Playa Palmera will be free?

If you manage to collect a significant enough number of credits the amount of the discount can cover the entire cost of your reservation at Playa Palmera Beach Resort. Therefore, the more people you encourage to visit our resort, the better the chances of a free stay.

May the unused credits be withdrawn to my bank account?

Yes. The accumulated credits can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Is there a minimum number of credits I can use when generating a promo code?

The minimum number of credits you can use to generate a promo code is 1 credit.

How to use the promo code?

You can use the promo code when making a reservation by entering it in the PROMO CODE field. After you enter it, the price will be automatically reduced by the amount you are entitled to from the created promo code.

Can I split the accumulated credits into several promo codes?

Yes. You can create several promo codes from the amount of credits you own.

Does joining the Partner Program require me to stay at Playa Palmer beforehand?

No. You can create an account with the Partner Program without making a prior reservation at our resort.

Do additional charges incurred at the Playa Palmera resort include in the total amount of the reservation and credits accrued?

No. The number of credits depends only on the amount that has been spent on reservation a stay at Playa Palmera by a referral.

Does the Partner Program apply to all types of accommodation at Playa Palmera?

Yes. A referral can enjoy a discount on booking both apartments, penthouses and villas at Playa Palmera Beach Resort.