Partnership process

Joining the Partner Program

To start collecting credits create your account at After registering, you will be able to generate your unique link, code and banner. Publish it on your website, social media, newsletters and more. The more people who use your link or code, the more profit will go to your Partner Program account.

Easily joining Playa Palmera's partner program using mobile devices

Using a Partner link

If someone uses your link, code or banner, they will automatically receive a 5% discount for the reservation of a stay at our resort. When the guest completes their stay at Playa Palmera Beach Resort and checks-out, credits will be added to your Partner Program account. The conversion window for a link/code in the Playa Palmera Beach Resort system is 90 days. The same validity period applies to the promo code generated from your credits.

Getting a discount on various forms of accommodation in Playa Palmera with the link

Calculation of your profits

The number of credits that will be assigned to your account depends on the amount of the reservation of the person who uses your link, code or banner. Your profit is 5% of the total reservation amount and is converted into credits: 1 USD is equal to 1 credit.

Presentación de beneficios en préstamos por publicidad Playa Palmera


A person using your link or code will complete a reservation for the amount of 1000 USD. 5% on this amount is 50 USD. This means that 50 credits will be credited to your account.

Use of credits

Each credit accumulated in your account allows you to generate a discount code when you make a reservation at Playa Palmera Beach Resort or withdraw the earned funds. At any time you can check your account balance and how much credit you are entitled to. You can use the discount code during booking by entering it in the PROMO CODE field, or during your stay at Playa Palmera Beach Resort.

Generating benefits from credits

Validity period

The credits accumulated in Partner Program account will remain valid for a period of 2 years, providing a two-year period to use and enjoy the benefits associated with the accumulated credits.

Presentation of the validity period of links, codes, banners and credits

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Each recommendation of our resort means additional credits that you can turn into attractive benefits!